Leave of Mental Absence

Leave of Mental Absence (L.O.M.A.) is a Peer to Peer network that incentivizes community participation and drives the creation of original engaging viral content.

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As a concept

A Leave of Mental Absence is not an absence of meaningful thought. L.O.M.A. speaks to diving into something so captivating that it takes your mind from the stresses of every day. Whether you enjoy immersing into something that makes your soul laugh, rests your brain, shocks your senses, feeds your mind, or all the above and then some, you are in control. Take a Leave of Mental Absence. Leave. Live Life.


Hey, social media, selfies, and videos have changed everything! And it’s great! Views rule the kingdom, but without quality content and engaged viewers, the reign of a trend, whim, or fad is just that. L.O.M.A. endeavors to attract, grow with, and provide value to a multi-platform social media community through creative competition and collaboration between L.O.M.A. and it’s Ambassadors, Influencers, and Sponsors. L.O.M.A is committed to promoting meaningful engagement for all community members by recognizing the importance of viewership while fostering the creativity and varying perspectives that are essential for quality content.

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L.O.M.A. produces contests that serve as media campaigns with community collaboration. Ambassadors are integral in this collaboration. Ambassadors are the creative mouthpieces and compelling expressers that communicate the terms of these contests. Ambassadors are catalysts that bring the contests to life and inspire the Influencers to create quality content. Whatever Ambassadors come up with in conjunction with L.O.M.A., they are incentivized based on the success of the campaigns they are selected to participate in!

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Influencers compete in contests with incentives negotiated through Sponsors or directly from L.O.M.A. Guided by the rules of the contests, Influencers are the creators of content and benefit from quality engagement. Subject to terms of use, L.O.M.A. provides the opportunity to leverage the L.O.M.A. community allowing Influencers to potentially aggregate more viewers. As the number of viewers grows, the possibility to derive value or more value improves.

L.O.M.A. values more than just viewership by tracking other variables in addition to views and highlighting niche aspects for a variety of content. The variety of content encourages quality engagement for a broader audience. We believe good content brings good energy...and good viewership! L.O.M.A. is committed to fostering a community that encourages access to an opportunity to exchange good for good! Of course, there may be a few game and ground rules to keep everyone playing fair. But in general, create away, rate, comment - keep the creators humming. You could create the next big thing! What are you waiting for!

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Sponsors can gain cost-effective exposure through multiple social media platforms and experience high-quality engagement through cross-branding their brands with L.O.M.A. contests. Learn more about what the L.O.M.A. community can do for you.

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L.O.M.A. Turnkey Media

L.O.M.A. Turnkey Media uses custom contests and a hybrid process that leverages the L.O.M.A. existing networks paired with L.O.M.A.’s clients’ existing communities. Unlock the power of L.O.M.A. Learn more about the value L.O.M.A. Turnkey Media can provide for you.

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